Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The $130 ear

Hobie's ear is finally back to its normal color and I'm weaning his off his prednisone – we're in week 2 of the treatment.

This has been the summer of Hobie's ear problems. I always knew bassets and long-eared dogs could get ear problems (less air gets under there) but it's never been a problem until this year. Earlier this summer, he got a yeast infection in his ear. Yeah, I know. Can you imagine, all that itch and no opposable thumbs?

So last Monday night (at 1:30 a.m.) Hobie was shaking his head so much he woke me up. I went to put the flush stuff in I had leftover from the other infection and when I lifted up his left ear, it was red as a beet. Poor baby! I did what any Mom would do – I got in bed with him and rubbed his ears so he could go to sleep, then hauled his butt to the doctor (vet) the next morning. He made it through most of the night, but threw up when he woke up in the morning. Either he was stressed or he really felt like crap. (Thankfully, as I have mentioned before on here, I do have good carpet cleaner!)

The vet confirmed my diagnosis by taking a swab from Hobie's ear and saying "Eww." Yeah, doc, thanks for the confirmation! It wasn't a yeast infection this time, but his ear WAS full of bacteria. So, we got new ear drops, prednizone for the infection (also known as the "I gotta pee, Mom!!" drug) and a general exam. The vet also aspirated a lump on his back, which turned out to be nothing. Thank God, because those "lumps and bumps" can turn out to be expensive!

I will admit that the visit could have been just a little over $100, but Hobie has needed a bath for a while, so I had them take care of that too. I take him to Petsmart but who can afford a drive out of town these days? Plus, since he's already at the vet, might as well get all the trauma over with at once!

And Hobie has been nice enough to wake me up in the middle of the night so we don't have a "Lake Prednizone" by the door. Good puppy!

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