Monday, April 6, 2009

Hobie has a playdate!

It wasn't planned. When I took Hobie out Saturday afternoon, the little schnauzer from down the street – who is quite enamored with Hobie – was out. Her name is Zoey and she lives a couple houses down from me. We've met before, can you tell?

I allowed Zoey and Hobie to greet each other, then picked her up to return her to her house. Ironic that she lets me pick her up, since the only time I've ever been bit by a dog, it was a schnauzer (yes, Frankie, I haven't forgotten). Anyway, I took her to her house and no one was home.

Well, what to do now?

This is a very well cared for dog, she's always groomed and her behavior is great. She would not last long on the "mean streets" of LaGrange; she'd either get run over or someone would "adopt" her and take her home.

Which is exactly what I wound up doing. I would have left a note, but I don't really carry note-leaving materials with me when Hobie and I are out for his constitutional. 

I was very proud of Hobie, who can be ... possessive, shall we say? He didn't seem to mind her (too much) and they played well together. I gave them each a treat and wished I had a baby gate to "corral" them in one part of the house. Hobie marked his territory the first time I brought him home, I'm glad Zoey didn't do the same thing. 

Pretty soon I started to worry how long Hobie would stay tolerant of a visitor and frankly, I wanted a nap. I scooped up Zoey and took her back outside, looking for her owners, a spare key, a neighbor with a pen, anything. 

Nothing. But, I was standing on the sidewalk with Zoey in my arms when her owners drove down the street, they'd been out looking for her. They were happy to see us both.

I let them know since she's so enamored with Hobie that if she got out again, I'd grab her and they should check with me first!